The art of organizational consulting blurs the line between learning and doing. While dealing with urgent problems, the consultant and client co-create a climate that fosters inquiry and builds a cohesive sense of team. As with many dynamic art forms, participants leave the experience feeling stimulated and challenged, productive as well as fully engaged.

To achieve success requires a partnership in which both consultant and client play vital roles.

For Rod Napier, years of experience in tailoring custom programs for diverse clients provides the foundation for this work, along with a dedication to impeccable service in every relationship. In Rod's approach to leadership development, team building and institutional change management, certain fundamentals govern success:

  • To evolve into high-performing teams, members must understand and be able to use the fundamentals of group dynamics.
  • To cultivate trust, feedback needs to be an integral part of the organizational culture.
  • To build cohesion, team members require both the courage and the tools for dealing effectively with conflict.
  • To commit to the team goals and vision, members need essential skills for creative, collaborative problem-solving and the means of participating in issues that influence them.

In a culture where time is at a premium, and urgency and crisis are woven into the fabric of our work life, these skills—and this approach—are essential. How successful teams arrive at this depends on their willingness to take a hard look at their own reality—how they operate and relate, and what they need to learn to become the very best. Those who are ready to commit to such scrutiny and to expend the time and energy to improve themselves are rare indeed-however, their success is insured.

Is your team prepared for this challenge?

Over the past two years, Rod Napier's consulting clients have included:
Becton Dickenson Pharmaceuticals
BOC Group
Ikon Business Machines
Mt. Sinai Hospital
Princeton Energy Systems
Solaris Health System
Swarthmore College
University of Pennsylvania
University of Virginia, Medical School
Widener University

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