Rod Napier's work projects include:

Cornell University, Department of Facilities Management
Developed a collaborative management culture in a 1200-person department over a seven-year period, and trained 200 leaders in new management practices.

Nicaragua, Office of the President
Helped President Violeta Chamorro organize the nation's new cabinet after the fall of the Sandinistas, and plan for democratic processes that had been absent for a decade.

Jefferson Health Systems
Established a unified, cohesive team with the CEO and presidents of five large, previously independent and competitive hospital systems. The goal: create cost efficiencies and maximize shared resources, with success dependent on trust and good will among these key leaders.

New Life Programs and Family Systems
As coach, facilitator and team builder, Rod assisted this human services team in creating strategies for organizational and management development and sustainability.

Wellesley College
Using intensive three-day trainings for stratified executive cohorts, Rod developed new approaches to the management/leadership process. Over nine days, each group focused on meeting design, performance management, leadership style, conflict management, and planning, along with the development of diagnostic and problem-solving skills.

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Rod lives with his wife, Julie Roberts, and a handful of dogs and cats, on French Creek in Warwick Township outside Philadelphia.

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