In the dozen books he's authored or co-authored, Rod Napier offers the insights gained from four decades of teaching and facilitation, as well as concrete tools for success. His publications include:

Measuring What Matters

Rodney Napier and R. McDaniel, Davies-Black Publishing, 2006
Unlike much of the complex and costly management literature that's come out in the past decade—books that require a consultant to interpret—this book translates the essentials of metrics management in terms that managers and team leaders can use immediately.

Groups: Theory and Experience

Rodney Napier and Matti Gershenfeld, Houghton Mifflin, 2003
Now in its seventh edition, this book remains a trendsetter in the field of group dynamics and small group behavior, as it has been since 1973 when the first edition appeared. Its accessible style blends research and theory with practical, real-life examples.

The Courage to Act

M. Klein and Rodney Napier, Davies-Black Publishing, 2003
American writer and poet Maya Angelou said, "One isn't necessarily born with courage, but one is born with potential." To nurture the flame of courage from that spark of potential, individuals and teams require two essential ingredients: honesty and trust. In The Courage to Act, the authors share their insight into the ways that high-performing teams and individuals develop and support these qualities, which are essential for sustained and creative risk-taking.

Intentional Design and the Process of Change

Patrick Sanaghan and Rodney Napier, NACUBO Press, 2001
A revolutionary volume in higher education, Intentional Design offers the theory of change management in higher education side-by-side with specific design strategies for initiating transformation at both departmental and system levels.

Making Groups Work

Rod Napier and Matti Gershenfeld, Houghton Mifflin, l983
This follow-up publication to Groups: Theory and Experience launched a new genre of professional books that provide practitioners with tools and strategic designs for intervening in groups and organizations.

Seduction of the Leader

Rodney Napier (in process)
In businesses of all sizes, in organizations, even in families, being a leader carries an unforeseen danger: The older we are and the more influence we have, the less likely it is that those around us will tell us the truth—at the very time we need it the most. In Seduction of the Leader, Napier explores this shadow side of leadership through striking portraits of leaders who are seduced by a combination of undeserved praise, half-truths, and acquiescence. His perceptive and unflinching reflection shows the far-reaching negative impacts of this behavior. As always, Napier offers solutions, allowing readers to actively apply what they have learned to move beyond this seduction.